Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machine

Forever Couple integrates sophisticated German technology into computer numerical control (CNC) Machine. Through precise computerized, with the displacement control signal operating system, each band is carefully trimmed. This machine improves the precision of the design measurement and the quality of bands.


Our Italian engraving technology eliminates the errors usually found in handmade manufacturing bands. With optical vibration amplifying light rays, high-energy laser light is produced which is capable of engraving fine details onto our band. In order to ensure the quality of our products, the laser light speed, strength and required to be set appropriately. To preventing details being polished away due to daily use, we proceed sixteen times micro-laser engraving to achieve a more profound effect and perfect excellence.

Sizing Master

Forever Couple has collaborated with the Hong Kong Productivity Council to develop a new technology to accurately measure the size of the band by scanning the ring finger of our client. After the measurement by 3D scanning, analogue wedding bands will be printed by the 3D printer. Our clients can experience the perfect fit immediately.