Infinite love is very much like the mathematical concept of tangent 90°. Forever Couple has taken this as an inspiration to design a tan90° wedding band series, enabling the couple's name, symbols, and even heartfelt words to be carved on the side of the band surface in a 90-degree zigzag shape, leaving a profound mark of love. 

tan90° series wedding band designs have been registered at the Intellectual Property Department and the Department of National People's Republic of China Intellectual Property Office with a design patent (HK: Design Patent 1201036.1 / CN: Design Patent 201,230,206,837.3)


Couple Forever

Love has been expressed in a million different ways, but "Hand in Hand, Till We Grow Old Together" remains as one of the oldest, and irreplaceable interpretation. Couple Forever series emphasize the classic and elegant design. Couple Forever may have the inside of its band engraved with the names or important anniversary date, and the outer surface studded with diamonds. The bands may also be layered with different kind of appearance colours to exemplify the exquisitely personalized beauty.



A happy and successful marriage requires endless "love" and infinite "tolerance". Forever Couple has subtly incorporated "circle" and "square" as a basic element of the design to give birth to a brand new collection. Both elemental shapes have been fused into the wedding band. "Circle" is representative of the perfect and never ending "love" without any defects; "square" is symbolizes unlimited tolerance and generous "inclusiveness". The Elements Collection is a gentle reminder for each couple of their commitments to each other and their love.

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