Lifetime Warranty

Forever Couple guarantees lifetime warranty for each pair of wedding bands, secure the marriage alongside each couple.

Wedding bands are the symbol of marriage which are worn lifelong. However, every wedding bands will be abraded after a period of time. Oxidization of wedding bands cause colour become dull, difference and the status of wedding bands also affected by seasonal conditions, friction, abrasions, etc.

We generally advise our clients to have the wedding bands treatment every 4 to 5 years for grounding and polishing. Reducing the minor marks on surface can keep the wedding bands sheen.

Also, we recommend our client to have the regularly clean for their wedding bands to remove dust. Reservations are not necessary for this service, as the process takes few minutes only.

Forever Couple willing to keep your wedding band in the best situation by offering lifetime warranty, a full coverage maintenance service. Please visit our specialty store for more information and details.