Engrave fingerprints, bearing witness to how a couple's life is everlastingly entwined.


Weave the magic of sweet nothings into your token.


Sketch drawings of each other, outlining an embodiment of happiness.


Record your most precious thoughts, living hand in hand with your love day after day.


Our Italian band laser engraving technology uses radiation tracing laser engraving to achieve a more profound and detailed effects.

  1. Our supervisor evaluates the appropriate proportion of the carved figure according to the band size, inputs the design into the computer, and hooks the dotted lines into a figure.
  2. The file format for the laser engraving control program must be converted, to correctly read the design.
  3. Position the semi-completed product in the best focal point of the machine.
  4. The laser needs to trace and retrace the design anywhere from 8 to 16 times for carving, to ensure the pattern will remain clearly visible even after years of wear and tear.
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